InnovaSPY – How to hide and show Spy software on iphone

Spy softwave for smartphones: InnovaSPY is a unique smartphone spy application which allows you to tracking your smartphone in real time. This great app silently records all the activities on the smartphone and sending data to your secured online

Adding and removing shortcuts on your Android phone

Once you’ve accumulated a large number of applications on your Android phone you might want a faster way to access them. We’ll show you two ways to add shortcuts to your home screen and show you how to remove shortcuts

LG Fortune Cricket Wireless How to Screen Shot 2 different ways

It todays video I share with you how to capture a screenshot in two different ways for the LG Fortune for Cricket Wireless thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and I will talk to you on the next one source

Reverse Charging: What is it and why all devices should support it

New From Btekt: “Honor View 20 One Month Review | Style Over Substance?” –~– Huawei is the only manufacturer who seems to be propagating reverse charging in the UK. The Huawei made EE Eagle will be the first mainstream

How to delete bookmarks on Android Chrome

How to delete bookmarks on Android Chrome source

Misused Technology Terms

Does it drive you crazy when other people misuse tech terms? Here are some you should look out for… Freshbooks message: Head over to and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us”

How Do I Make My SD Card My Main Storage?

To know more about rooting android device, you can read this article quick guide to get super user access and if have questions, write them in the comments bellow 7 mar 2016 move sd card. If you have an android

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Change These 10 Settings Now

Change these 10 Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and make you phone more awesome. Note 9 is full of deep and rich features and in these video I will share some tips and tricks to make your experience

2018 Samsung Televisions – Smart Hub: Deleting Apps

Delete unwanted apps in seconds! source

Easily Delete Multiple Android Apps on Your Phone or Tablet [How-To]

How to Delete Multiple Android Apps Quickly & Easily Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: In this tutorial, I’ll be going over multiple methods (root & non-root) for uninstalling multiple Android apps at once. These include using your

How To Check Your Android Phone Security Patch Updates

How To Check Your Android Phone Security Patch Updates Download App Here:- Please share your thoughts and comments about this review, do like this video and share it further. source

How to Remove Bloatware from your Android Device Head to our site above for the necessary files or to comment and to see our other videos. I understand your pain. Getting a new phone and while you are setting it up, downloading all the apps you want,

How to reset your phone without loss data ??? (English subtitles)

This video helps you to reset your phone & restore all your data safely. While you are backup your files it is saved in phone storage. When you reset your phone you must send those files to external storage i.e.

how to block ads on (ANY ANDROID DEVICE)

this is showing how to block ads for free! subscribe and rate THANKS LINKS adaway ad free plus source