5 Nexus’ w/ Android 5 Jelly Bean [Multiple OEM’s Rumor]

Google is planning to partner with a variety of OEMs (rather than just one at a time) in order to have up to five Nexus devices available at once. All will r…
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Bloatware Android Meaning Sony

Cyanogen-powered OnePlus One takes aim at the Nexus with killer specs and

5 Nexus' W/ Android 5 Jelly Bean [Multiple OEM's Rumor]

The One's 13MP Sony Exmor camera sensor might also best the Nexus 5′s middling 8MP shooter. Like the Nexus 5, you can pick up a OnePlus One and plug in your SIM … The other advantage with the Nexus that makes its $ 349 price so great is the stock …
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