Android 2.2 Battery Life Fix – Droid Phone Battery Fix

Is your Droid Phone Battery life suffering since you upgraded to Android 2.2? We noticed a problem here, and then found a way to get better battery life with our Android 2.2 Battery Life Fix.

We had to get much more aggressive with our favorite App killer called Advanced Task Killer by Rechild. When you use the special settings we describe in this video, you should get much better battery life again. Until we changed to these settings, our battery life was nasty!

Android 2.2 seems to cause Apps to start on their own much more often. We even show how we Killed all Apps, let the phone charge overnight, and the first thing we saw in the AM was a screen showing all the apps that had started up (draining battery life) all by themselves!

Watch this video to see how to fix this problem now! Visit our website for more helpful text and video tutorials:

We have additional video tutorials made to help you save battery life on your Droid phone on our website or here on our YouTube channel – check them out, they are sure to help!