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How to set or change default apps in android

In this video today we will see how to set or change default apps in android Please like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips and tricks. This video also answers some of the queries below: How

Adb Cannot Run As Root In Production Builds

Abdb Insecure Link * * Requires Root Access source

What Does Forward a Text Mean? : Apple Devices & Other Tech Tips

Subscribe Now: Watch More: If you want to forward a text, you want to send it to another person. Find out what it means to forward a text with help from an expert in Apple retail in this

How to set home page in chrome browser in Android phone

My Gear Camera – Tripod – Lens – Microphone – Laptop – My Youtube Channels Technical Channel – Food Channel – Lifestyle Channel – My Wife’s Channel Priyanka’s Kitchen – Priya’s

How to uninstall any installed Android plugin

How to uninstall any plugin in Android mobile Go to playstore Open install apps Search for plugin Click on it Click uninstall button source

MaaS360 Open Mic LIVE: Managing Company Devices in a Consumer Market, 3/22/17

More and more organizations are providing smartphones and tablets to help employees get things done. While Secure Container can protect sensitive information, it has become increasingly necessary for organizations to treat the entire device as a secure asset, requiring strict

MaaS360 Open Mic: Getting Started with Android Enterprise, 15 Aug 2017

In this Open Mic, you’ll learn how to get started with Android Enterprise. Matt Shaver, System Architect for MaaS360, begins with an overview of the benefits of Android Enterprise, then demonstrates how to set up Android Enterprise, how to set

Mobile Service Manager – Feature Friday Blog, Hornbill

Hornbill Service Manager offers a mobile app that gives IT Support staff access to the Service Desk where ever they are. View and update Incidents, Changes, Problems, and Service Requests in the Hornbill Mobile app. Track your assigned incidents, view

Unit 42 Discovers "Android Installer Hijacking" – Palo Alto Networks

Vulnerability Allows Stealth Bait & Switch Discovered by Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 threat researcher Zhi Xu, the vulnerability exploits a flaw in Android’s “PackageInstaller” system service, allowing attackers to silently gain unlimited permissions in compromised devices. Specifically: – During

How to disable Android’s Doze battery optimization for specific apps

Android’s Doze battery optimization feature gives your phone extra battery life, but it also restricts notifications from apps that may be important to you. This video will show you how to turn of the Doze battery optimization for specific Android

HTC How to Clear your browsing history ON smart phones user guide support

HTC How to Clear your browsing history Please Subscribe our channel for more Videos Apple Iphone 10 Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 8. … Apple iPhone X. … Apple iPhone Xs Apple iPhone 7 Plus. … Apple iPhone

LG Smart TV with webOS – Closed Captioning

Whether you’re hard of hearing or just want to watch the TV with the sound off, Closed Captioning is a convenient feature that helps you enjoy a variety of programming. Closed Captioning is an optional service provided for select programs

LG Fortune Cricket Wireless How to Screen Shot 2 different ways

It todays video I share with you how to capture a screenshot in two different ways for the LG Fortune for Cricket Wireless thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and I will talk to you on the next one source

How Do I Make My SD Card My Main Storage?

To know more about rooting android device, you can read this article quick guide to get super user access and if have questions, write them in the comments bellow 7 mar 2016 move sd card. If you have an android