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Misused Technology Terms

Does it drive you crazy when other people misuse tech terms? Here are some you should look out for… Freshbooks message: Head over to and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us”

BulletBarry loses his mind: ‘PC elitists are WORSE than console peasants!’

In this episode of Stupid Console Peasant Quotes, BulletBarry behaves like a proper console peasant and claims that PC elitists are actually worse than console peasants themselves. His video is a disgrace to the PC master race, and shall forever


Description here. source

Youtube Clip Converter Wont Start Problem (Saturday Nov 22 2014)

YouTube Clip Converter free video downloader has not been working since yesterday (Nov 22 2014). Pls fix it Youtube, I cant download anymore videos, I can only download some with a bullshit quality 720p, that aint good, cause I want

why i cant tolerate grammar nazis and pop-up ads (rant)

again, none of these are as untolerable as justin bieber, bronies, or whatevers out there that i hate to the core. i hear the grammar nazis are going to conduct a “yolocaust” (the killing of the swagfags and their duckface

Mate 20 Pro Review: Best Mobile of 2018? Not Quite…

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review. It sure has been getting a lot of attention, but is it the best Android phone of 2018? Almost. Where to buy: Trading Shenzhen: Video index: 01:21 – Box contents 01:53 – Thickness &


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**FORTNITE LEAK!!!** Purple Cube Destroys whole MAP

REKD source

how to moniter kids and friends computer laptop & mobile phone in hindi urdu

dawnlode link how to moniter kids computer laptop & mobile phone simple hindi urdu how to moniter kids laptop .best parental control app .computer monitor .monitor internet activity .pc activity monitor .child’s computer moniter.remote computer monitoring

Kinder in der Ukraine lernen an Labdoo Laptops

Kinder in Schostka in der Ukraine freuen sich über Labdoo-Laptops Wie schon fast 200.000 Kinder in 116 Ländern. Danke an alle Helfer und Laptopspender. Mehr Fotos zum Projekt auf source

How to disable giffgaff alerts and notifications | giffgaff

Flaxvert explains how to disable giffgaff alerts and notifications (including emails containing offers & information about giffgaff or text alerts after each call or text). Watch next: How to Queue or Recur your goodybag and How to Turn Auto Top

What Is An App? Different Types of Apps

App is short for application, which is a piece of software which runs through a web browser, or can run offline on a phone, computer or tablet. The most common usage of the word app is when making reference to

Bits vs Bytes as Fast As Possible

Computer data is often referred to in bits or bytes. Watch this video and you’ll understand what they do and how they differ! Sponsor Link: FORUM LINK: source

Windows 10 Einsteiger / Umsteiger T15 Sound-, Uhrzeit- und Datumseinstellungen vornehmen

Hier in diesem 15. Teil der Reihe der Basics für Ein- und Umsteiger des OS Windows 10 zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Einstellungen zum Sound, Datum und Uhrzeit vornehmen können. source