Delete These 4 Apps and Increase your Phone’s Battery Life

These 4 APPS are Killing your Battery:

In this Video, we put a set of applications known for high consumption of the battery, which can delete or rationalize the use of energy to greatly save the phone and allow you to use the device for longer periods.

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#1 Facebook :

Yes! The Facebook app, The official Facebook application is known to be one of the most demanding applications for battery and other phone resources. If you delete Facebook from your phone, you’ll see an immediate difference in battery consumption.

The Solution: You can use Facebook from your browser, or use an alternate application: « Facebook Lite ».

#2 Cleaning apps & Apps that claim to save RAM:

Cleaning apps promise to clean up your phone to boost performance. While it’s true that deleted applications sometimes leave behind some cached data, it’s not necessary to download a dedicated cleaner. Just go to Settings, Storage, and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK.

The Solution: you can clear the cache of individual apps by going to Settings, Apps, Downloaded and tapping on an app. On the next page, tap Clear Cache.

#3 Battery savers:

Yes, battery-saving applications are among the most battery-consuming applications! If you use one, delete it immediately. Previous studies have indicated that these applications actually lead to more battery consumption. What these applications are doing is that they are running in the background and trying to kill other applications, but the applications (killed) will come back to work automatically, and the application (battery saving) in the background will always be consumer battery and memory.

The Solution: Go to your phone’s battery settings where you can find information about your device’s battery and a list of the most battery-intensive applications where you can delete or adjust its settings for lower consumption.

#4 AntiVirus:

No need to install any applications claiming to be antivirus on Android. These applications do nothing but work in the background and consume the battery all the time. If you just follow simple digital security rules, such as not downloading applications from untrusted sources, and not pressing any anonymous link to your phone, you’ll have no problem. If there is already a supernatural virus that will be able to access your phone and penetrate the protection built by default within the Android, it means that the antivirus will not be able to detect it anyway!

The Solution: Follow the simple rules of caution and known to all.

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