“F.B.I.” Ransom Virus removal from an Android phone

The notorious malware know as the F.B.I. Ransom Virus has made it’s way from the computer to Android phones. In this video we will show you how we were able to remove it without paying the $300 ransom fee and more importantly without deleting any of the users stored information from his phone.

Comment from user:

“I think I had a different version of the FBI virus. It didn’t lock my phone but every time I opened the internet app I would get this popups and could not close out of it until i hit the “Open Apps” button. That is what I call it and slide it out. From your You Tube video I tried going into Safe Mode but I couldn’t find anything downloaded that wasn’t legit. I have given up and was ready to message you for help. It seemed to me that it was somehow within the browser itself and I could not get in to clear history or anything! I used the Play Store to download Avast and it found nothing! I noticed when I hit the back button for a split second I could access the Internet app tool bar but I had to be extremely quick and was able to tap where it showed I had 4 windows open. FINALLY, I GOT IT and was able to slide that page off and also did so with all other windows It Worked!!! My only concern is if there is a virus on my phone still or if I am safe now since my virus scanners find nothing! I didn’t see you do any videos on this kind of FBI virus so I thought you might share this info on You Tube. By the way, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 sport”

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