How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Win I8552 Via Code (all 3 Instructions) – #1 Cellphone network Unlock Code Provider on web.

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Instructions to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Win I8552 with an unlock code:

Method 1
•Turn on the device with any non-accepted SIM card (Non Accepted Sim card is any SIM card not from the original provider)
•The phone will automatically display that your current SIM card requires an unlock code. Would you like to unlock it?
•Click yes, and input the 8 digit Unlock code
•The phone is now unlocked!

Method 2
Go to the dial screen on your phone and dial:#7465625*638*UNLOCKCODE#(8 digit Code)

Method 3
Go to the dial screen on your phone and dial:#7465625*638*UNLOCKCODE# Once prompted for code, enter the 8digit Unlock Code.

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