HTC One (M8) Review

HTC One (M8) Review
(OK, OK. Bloatware.) There also will be some relatively minor tweaks to the internals depending on what region of the world you're in, specifically the clock speed used by the processor. We'll touch on that here but don't expect it to affect things too …
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Another Set of HTC One (2014) Pictures Surface, Benchmark Included
I actually find it fascinating that after all the leaks of the HTC One (2014), we still don't really know the official spec list or anything about how HTC really plans to use that dual-camera setup. And you know what, today's latest leak is much the …
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Samsung Galaxy S5 a worthy successor
The company said it's making a concerted effort to reduce bloatware right out of the gate, so removing the Hub as a preinstallation is a small concession to balance out all of the other space-hungry features that Samsung includes as part of the S5's ouvre.
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