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How to disable Android’s Doze battery optimization for specific apps

Android’s Doze battery optimization feature gives your phone extra battery life, but it also restricts notifications from apps that may be important to you. This video will show you how to turn of the Doze battery optimization for specific Android

Easily Delete Multiple Android Apps on Your Phone or Tablet [How-To]

How to Delete Multiple Android Apps Quickly & Easily Full Tutorial: http://gadgethacks.com/how-to/delete-android-apps-ultimate-guide-uninstalling-any-app-your-device-0162613/ Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: http://goo.gl/XagVI In this tutorial, I’ll be going over multiple methods (root & non-root) for uninstalling multiple Android apps at once. These include using your

How to add and remove widgets on your Android Tablet or Phone

Works with Ice Cream Sandwich,Jelly Bean IOS. Works with Samsung S2, S3, S4, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Nexus. source

How to get RID of VIBE UI on Lenovo Phones (A6000, A6000 Plus, A7000, K3 Note)

In this video I show you how to get rid of the creedy and laggy VIBE UI preinstalled on Lenovo phones like the A6000, A6000 Plus and the A7000. Definitely LIKE the video if you were helped and SUBSCRIBE for

How to Make Any Android Device Look Like Stock Android (without Root)

http://theunlockr.com/2013/09/14/how-to-make-any-android-device-look-like-stock-android-without-root-video/ Head to our site above for the necessary files or to comment and to see our other videos. Most Android manufacturers put some type of custom UI on top of their Android devices to help differentiate theirs from the

[updated] How to listen spotify without shuffle -mode like a tablet? – Xposed

–OPEN– EASIER STYLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyyadde9WR8 + link for apk that u only need to install https://www.mediafire.com/?c95v01ksh0hdph7 Please leave a like if you enjoied this video. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel. This will you ensure that I make videos every week.

Install Firefox OS on Android Without Rooting or ROMs [How-To]

How to Try Firefox OS Without Root on Android Full Tutorial: http://gadgethacks.com/how-to/try-firefox-os-without-rooting-android-0162446/ Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: http://goo.gl/XagVI In this video, I’ll be showing how to try Firefox OS on your Android device without needing root or flashing the ROM. It’s

Uninstall System APPS – Disable option for Non-Rooted Devices

Subscribe NOW!!! http://goo.gl/6Lpeq (click) =] I have rooted my GS4 just 3 days after owning it. Be careful on what you delete!!! Now that I am Rooted, I can remove all those unnecessary apps that I will never use, just

Unlock LG K7 by Code

Unlock LG K7 by Code – how to unlock lg k7 ms330 with apk machine unlock metro pcs. Our unlocking assistance is backed by our 100% ensure and is trusted by hundreds of thousands worldwide Understand how to ask for

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 and Eliminate Bloatware

DO THIS AT YOUR Own Risk! I AM NOT Responsible IF YOU MESS UP YOUR Phone! Hyperlink to Galaxy S3 Toolkit: http://goo.im/devs/mskip/toolkit/samsung_galaxy_s3/Samsung_Galaxy_S3_ToolKit_v7..exe supply

How to Make Your Android Unit Go Quicker!

No matter if it is really the Nexus 6 or Galaxy S2. every Android unit slows down around time. So here’s five performance boosting recommendations on how to make your Android unit complete greater. â–ºSubscribe To My Channel for far

how to root any android phone no pc upadted 2016 no pc required or no facts cable

how to root any android phone no pc just like and share p Rooting is the Android equal of jailbreaking, a means of unlocking the functioning procedure so you can install unapproved applications, deleted unwelcome bloatware, update the OS, change

Put in Snapchat on a Nexus seven or Any Other Android Tablet [How-To]

How to Get Snapchat on Your Android Tablet Comprehensive Tutorial: http://nexus7.wonderhowto.com/how-to/set up-snapchat-nexus-seven-any-other-android-pill-0148128/ Subscribe to softModder: http://goo.gl/XagVI In present day softModder tutorial, I will be displaying you how to set up Snapchat on your Nexus seven or any other Android pill.

Samsung nexus glass repair i9250 part 1

Video on how to remove the glass from the digitizer. Most people do the mistake of heating up the glue which makes it harder to remove. You have to scratch o… Samsung Bloatware List